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Free Emoticons Set 1.0

Free Emoticons Set adds cool emoticons to your MSN messenger
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Windows Live Messenger is the world's most famous instant messenger program developed by Microsoft corporation. Windows Live Messenger or formerly called MSN messenger is a program that allows its users to chat with each other using video, voice or text and which has the ability of sending emoticons. Emoticons got their name from the word "emotion" because they represent different feelings or emotions such as anger, happiness, laugh or even love; and the word "icon", as they are small images that are as small as desktop or application icons.

Free Emoticons Set contains 60 different emoticons that are compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. The installation of this utility is really simple and self-explained through the setup wizard. Once installed, a new icon will appear on your desktop that will launch the main screen of the program when you double click on it. The main screen of the program contains two buttons; one called "Install" that will automatically install the 60 emoticons pack to the current logged in Windows Live ID while the other button is called "exit" and it will terminate the application without installing the icons. The program is spyware-free and virus-free.

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  • Easy installation


  • Cannot be uninstalled from the main screen of the program
  • Not compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista
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